Getting the Basics right

Derek Butler, chair of MRSA Action UK, discusses the importance of returning to the basics of hygiene as technology and bacterium speedily evolve

Helping hospitals overcome increased demand

Hospitals should consider an alternative to traditional construction to help ease the pressure on health services, says Jackie Maginnis

The rise of the digital patient

Sophie Castle-Clarke focuses on the digital tools that are starting to have an impact on patients looking after themselves

With the release of NHS Digital’s experimental statistics on the implementation of seven-day services, Health Business examines the findings and weighs up the pros and cons of seven-day care.

The show that puts patient safety first

Health Business looks at the various conference streams of Patient First, the national event for patient safety

Maximise your budget, buy more for less

The NHS Supply Chain discusses best practice for managing medical equipment in a financially constrained environment

The six barriers to making leadership development in health a priority

The NHS Leadership Academy's Chris Lake explores some of the reasons why health leadership is in a poor condition

Regulating medical device apps

Valerie Field, interim group manager in the MHRA devices division, explores new guidance for medical device health apps

Making savings while saving the environment

Rachel Brooks explores the Securing Healthy Returns and investigates the £414 million of potential savings that it recorded

Fire-proofing patient and staff safety

Will Lloyd, technical manager of the Fire Industry Association, analyses the risks and steps to take to ensure hospitals are fire safe


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