NHS ‘achieves superior performance’ compared to other countries

The NHS has been judged the best healthcare system out of 11 countries ranked by the Commonwealth Fund.

The top-ranked countries overall for their healthcare systems are the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands, the report found.

The United Kingdom ‘achieves superior performance’ compared to other countries in all areas except Health Care Outcomes where it ranks 10th, the research shows.

It also finds that the NHS ranks first on Care Process and Equity, and excels in safety. Compared to the other countries studied, the UK put a relatively small amount of GDP into healthcare, at just 9.9 per cent, making its achievement even more notable.

Jeremy Hunt, the UK’s health secretary, said: “These outstanding results are a testament to the dedication of NHS staff, who despite pressure on the frontline are delivering safer, more compassionate care than ever. Ranked the best healthcare system of 11 wealthy countries, the NHS has again showed why it is the single thing that makes us most proud to be British.”

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