NHS cuts leavings nurses missing training

A new report has found that winter pressures, staff shortages and funding cuts are forcing the NHS to deny clinical training to nursing staff.

Investing in a Safe and Effective Workforce: Continuing Professional Development for Nurses in the UK, published by the Royal College of Nursing, says that the current situation, whereby cuts to training budgets have resulted in a significant drop in the number of courses available for nurses, could also lead to nurses being removed from the professional register in extreme cases.

A third of nurses admit that they had managed only 10 or fewer hours of continuing professional development (CPD) training each year, falling short of the 35 hours required. Therefore, the RCN has stressed that nursing staff must have access to continuing professional development (CPD) and guarantee protected time for it.

Janet Davies, RCN chief executive, said: “For the sake of patient safety, nurses must be allowed to keep up-to-date with developments and advance into tomorrow’s nurse leadership positions. Policymakers and employers must find a way to fund and guarantee this time. Nurses must not be allowed to fall foul of the regulator’s requirement.”

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