NHS Forth Valley saves thousands by tracking equipment

According to a report, a Scottish hospital has saved thousands by using radio frequency identification to track its equipment.

Forth Valley Royal Hospital, which belongs to NHS Forth Valley, has saved £360,000 by placing active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on 10,000 out of its 14,000 medical devices.

The tracking tags allowed the NHS to see exactly which equipment was and was not needed. In doing so, it only purchased what was needed and was able to sell anything that was not being used.

The research shows that 75 syringe drivers at a cost of £134,370 were removed from service. An example of an avoided, unnecessary purchase were 12 bladder scanners at the cost of £100,000.

The report, Passive RFID Tracking of Mobile Medical Devices within Forth Valley Royal Hospital, says a further saving of £200,000 is anticipated in the next financial year.

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