ASE Corporate Eyecare (HealthcarePlans)

A leader in the corporate eyecare market, ASE Corporate Eyecare (HealthcarePlans) has over 25 years’ experience in providing corporate eyecare solutions for blue chip, private and public sector organisations.

 Launched in 1991 to provide eyecare services to public and private sector organisations to meet legislative compliance (the then new Display Screen Equipment Regulations) ASE Corporate Eyecare is now part of Essilor International SA, the world’s largest ophthalmic manufacturer and offers complete eyecare solutions for VDU users, corporate drivers and prescription safety eyewear users – as well as more specialist forms of eyewear, for example breathing apparatus inserts for Fire and Rescue Services, ballistic eyewear for Firearms Officers and innovative eyewear for military aircrew for the MoD. We have a raft of eyecare e-vouchers to meet clients requirements and can even create custom eyecare vouchers.

Corporate eyecare is about enabling your employees to do their jobs effectively and safely with the correct vision aids if necessary.  But it goes beyond your statutory obligations as an employer because eye care can have a significant impact on our wider health. It has an important role to play in preventative care and it can provide routes to early intervention of potentially life-altering or threatening illnesses.

ASE Corporate Eyecare enables you to protect your employees’ optical health with virtually no red tape. It can be tailor made to your business and involves almost no administration. It couldn’t be easier for you to manage and – with voucher codes that can be sent to mobile devices – simpler for your staff to redeem across the network of Boots Opticians and many other independent practices.  As the employer you will also be provided with detailed management reports, discounted vouchers for friends and family and all of our services can be customised to both your business and your workforce.

Our service is simple; you can either allow your employees to ‘self-serve’ their vouchers via our EyecareGateway or you can assign vouchers to them yourself. Payment is either via monthly invoice or by credit card, enabling you to set up your eyecare service to meet your business needs.

VDU Eyecare

For many of us, hours spent in front of a computer, tablet or phone is simply a fact of life and up to 72% of us use a computer at work.  This can, however, cause headaches, fatigue, sore eyes and will ultimately impact on productivity – recent research has shown that 90% of employees suffer the effects of computer vision syndrome and poor eyesight reduces productivity by 40%.  We offer a range of VDU eyecare solutions and a range of frames for VDU users (and corporate drivers) which is created just for us, using the latest optical materials and technologies to offer your employees highly wearable, contemporary eyewear

Protective Eyecare

In hazardous working environments good eyesight is essential and there are no good shortcuts.  If your employees work in hazardous conditions, you have a responsibility under the Personal Protective Equipment Directive to provide protective eyewear to safeguard your employee’s eyesight.  Our prescription safety eyewear collection offers a comprehensive range of frames providing eye protection for use in even the most highly hazardous environments, conforms to EN 166 1F, and utilises the most robust and resilient materials to ensure that your employees receive the highest quality protection.

Drivers Eyecare

33% of road collisions involve someone driving on behalf of work, and while there is no legislation regarding providing eyecare for employees who drive on behalf of work, there is an overwhelming argument to suggest that ‘best practice’ would be to sight test and provide glasses to these employees.  Our EyecarePlan Drive vouchers provide a sight test, a frame glazed with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses with an anti-scratch and anti-reflection coating.  A visual acuity report is also kept on file demonstrating the ‘best practice’ approach to ensuring the safety of your corporate drivers and other road users.

Specialist Eyecare

At HealthcarePlan, we recognise a “one size fits all” approach is rare when it comes to health and wellbeing.  We therefore offer a bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements, whether it’s optical inserts for breathing apparatus, digital retinal photography, or visual field reporting - we can customise EyecarePlan vouchers to provide you with the eyecare service you require.

We strive to constantly deliver quality eyecare, and add value. Through Essilor we have access to a wealth of optical knowledge and product innovation. Working with independent optical practices and Boots Opticians offers freedom of choice to employees and our ability to offer discounts, promotions and friends and family vouchers delivers eyecare beyond the scope of corporate compliance.

If you would like to know more, or would like to contact one of our representatives please call or email us.

0844 8004028

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