BridgeMaster medical Ltd

BridgeMaster medical Ltd create new pioneering medical products for Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Coloproctology.

We act as the bridge between idea, development, manufacture and distribution internationally in a range of disposable single patient use medical products.

We are committed to sourcing and developing new, innovative, high quality products that can provide a clinical advantage to the end user as well as the patient.

The success of BridgeMaster medical products is demonstrated by our global distribution footing in Europe, The Middle East, The Far East, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Russia with further countries being added in quick succession. Our aim is to provide enhanced and innovative products with a genuine medical purpose and advantage on a worldwide basis.

All BridgeMaster medical products are designed and manufactured in the UK.


The ELA Illuminated Amnioscopes:

…. is a completely self-contained, self-illuminating Amnioscope which provides a shadow-free light source ready for immediate use straight out of the packet.

The ELA contains its own light source and with the removal of the obturator it iw is activated. When you have finished collecting the sample, simply replace the obturator to switch the light off.

ELA is a disposable single patient use device and can be used numerous times during the same procedure. The internal electronics, the circuit board and battery, can be disposed of independently of the Amnioscope body based on hospital protocol. Using ELA means there is no need for any additional source of light or external power to complete the taking of a Fetal Blood sample. ELA is flexible and provides the complete solution for lighting the birth canal during delivery.

ELA -01 26mm Diameter
ELA- 02 18mm Diameter

The Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Kit:

contains everything necessary to take a Fetal Scalp Blood Sample right at your fingertips. The wand has a 'pre-loaded' capillary tube ready for immediate sampling. The New BridgeMaster medical multipurpose wand has the additional benefit of a Fetal Head Descent measure. The capillary tube has a capacity to take up to 115ul blood sample containing 100 IU/ml balanced lithium-heparin.


The Spackman Cannula:

is single use and manufactured from high quality medical grade steel. Made with the inclusion of an adjustable cone to enable correct depth of cervical insertion, thus providing a tight seal and reducing dye leakage. It is shaped to avoid perforation of the uterus. As a single use product, the Spackman eliminates cross infection risk due to difficulties arising in re-sterilisation of similar devices.


ProctoLight : With the use of Genie 2 (Tab pull) is a self-illuminating proctoscope for single patient use. The white body and innovative internal light source provides a shadow-free environment ensuring that there is no need for any additional light source or power for operation.

The unique design of ProctoLight includes our Genie Light Source® placed at the base of the obturator. No external light source needed.

The tapered front of the obturator allows for gentle insertion into the anal canal. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand and provides full support for the manipulation of the proctoscope into position.

ProctoLight comes in three sizes, 28mm, 24mm and 20mm external diameter ready for immediate use

COBRA – the complete Haemorrhoid Banding System is the latest addition to BridgeMaster medical Ltd.’s innovative Coloproctology range. CE marked and supplied clinically clean. The gun is designed to use an automatic cartridge loading system, where the band is not stretched until prior to immediate use and can be used as many times as required for the same procedure. Cobra bands stretch from 3mm to 15mm and back again in under 5 seconds ensuring no loss of elasticity in the band providing effective treatment. The Gun is provided with 2 cartridges and individual cartridges can be purchased separately.

For further information about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us at:

BridgeMaster medical Limited, The Core Business Centre, Milton Hill, Abingdon, OX13 6AB United Kingdom

01235 856790

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