CDEC, an award-winning provider of AV/IT solutions across the UK, has been serving the needs of the healthcare sector since 2000. During this time we have seen huge changes in the sector, not least the significant increase in pioneering technology across all aspects of medical facilities, from operating theatres and teaching spaces, to reception areas and wards, along with the rise of telemedicine.

CDEC continues to be at the forefront of these changes, offering innovative, effective, cost-efficient professional AV/IT systems that aid operational efficiency while supporting the patient and enhancing the visitor experience. AV technology can make this happen as soon as you enter a medical facility with dynamic digital signage systems offering wayfinding, tailored information, news and guidance to visitors and patients to help the natural flow of movement around buildings. Patient flow management systems can take this a step further, providing integrated patient flow from admission to discharge. Such systems improve patient safety, create time and cost efficiencies, and provide real-time insight that can help to reduce blockages and patient stay times by ensuring accurate patient data is available to every medical professional that needs it as they need it.

When it comes to sharing information with patients and medical practitioners, effective audio and video conferencing systems are crucial for people on site as well as telemedicine professionals working remotely. Telemedicine has gained huge traction in recent years, allowing specialists to quickly see patients no matter where they are. In many areas of medicine, quick diagnosis is essential and a telemedicine system can provide high-definition images to specialists to rapidly and accurately diagnose, treat and potentially save lives.

CDEC has a wide range of specialist skills and knowledge in the field of AV conferencing, designing and installing solutions in many sectors to ensure communication is fast, clear and accurate, even in high pressure situations, and that systems support and deliver in this highly disciplined environment.

The use of cameras to support surgical procedures has also led to new applications for video; CDEC offers video and projection systems designed to relay images from surgeon to screen to remote training facilities in order to educate medical students in real-life hospital scenarios.

Also on the training side, CDEC is hugely experienced in lecture hall design and refurbishments, offering everything from lecterns and projectors to room management systems and audio. CDEC will design and install a fully integrated solution that will ensure information, both audio and visual, is relayed clearly and accurately via a simple but effective room setup. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is on hand at all times to advise on the best solutions for your needs and we also offer AV Managed service contracts, training and helpdesk facilities to ensure you continue to get the most out of your investment.

Finally, in the operating theatre it is crucial that reliable, effective kit that is easy to clean, waterproof and dustproof, operates quietly but can be relied upon 24/7 is chosen. Here CDEC has a wide range of options to create an up-to-date solution, from speakers and microphones to allow a remote specialist to be heard, touch panel displays for the simple control of devices such as cameras and video calls, and monitoring systems to ensure all systems are operating as they should.

In all, CDEC has a combination of knowledge, experience and great solutions enabling us to be able to advise any healthcare facility on their AV/IT needs. CDEC is a passionate company that strives to always deliver excellence for each and every client. Each member of the CDEC team is determined to make every project happen on time and on budget, and we will work with you to minimise disruption and downtime. This commitment to customer service is one of the key factors behind the huge amount of repeat business CDEC enjoys.
CDEC partners with a wide range of companies to ensure we can offer you the best products to meet your individual needs. As an Elite Reseller for all manufacturers on our portfolio we can confidently offer warranty support and specialised technical knowledge for every state-of-the-art product we install. This combined with our ingrained commitment to excellent customer service and life-long after sales care means we provide a complete AV integration package delivering cutting-edge installations.

CDEC is the only AV company you will need. We specify, design and install, integrate, train and maintain across all areas of the healthcare sector. We also understand that there is no room for error in this field; whether we are supplying AV solutions to hospitals, training facilities or regional health centres, reliability, effectiveness and ease of use are key and patient safety and confidentiality is at the core of everything we do.

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