Create A Cabin

Create A Cabin design and construct prefabricated buildings and offices.

Anglo-French company “Create A Cabin” has developed a new process that effectively builds an insulated building within a warehouse or a standalone building outside.

Our bespoke buildings can act as a standalone structure, in which case we build an insulted box and a roof structure on top for waterproofing, or they can be constructed inside another building in which case the roof structure is unnecessary as the waterproofing is provided by the existing building.

The material used (to build the shell) is 60mm or 100mm thick insulated polyurethane and steel panel. They are waterproof, washable and vermin free. The walls are hygienic, clean or epoxy painted on both sides so it is ready to use.

The buildings are made to measure at our factory and are supplied in flat-pack kit form for DIY assembly on site. Create A Cabin only provides construction assistance if required. A technician fully equipped and trained comes on site to project manage your team of builders.

The building is constructed on a flat concrete base, electricity; plumbing and the flooring are installed by your local contractors afterwards.

The building process is extremely fast since all the panels are cut to size at the factory, identified and numbered and work on site only consists of assembling the panels together. The build-up is a very quick process.

The buildings were originally destined for the farming industry where farmers wanting to transform their own production needed a clean, washable and hygienic space to process their food. Since then, other industries and users have fallen for our quick and simple buildings and their multiple purpose.

Starting with the all the technical food related usage for farmers, poultry, butchery and milk transformation to science labs, photographic studio, temperature controlled storage…

Our buildings are also used as offices, changing rooms/WC/showers, temporary accommodations for staff but also for more technical usage requiring washable, clean, food grade compliant, vermin free and insulated walls ranging from housing for large tanks, and any technical usage as well as kitchen, canteen, training rooms….

The fire rating of the material is BS2D0.

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