Gratnells supports information revolution in the NHS


Responding to Jeremy Hunt’s plea for the NHS to be paperless by 2018 Gratnells, leaders in storage solutions for over 40 years, has introduced an innovative new product range designed to store, charge and sync up to 30 USB devices at ultra-fast speed.

Setting a deadline of April 2018 for any crucial health information to be available to staff at the touch of a button, the Health Secretary is urging hospitals to buy into the information revolution, saying that using electronic prescribing and patient records would give staff more time to spend with patients.

To meet this demand, Gratnells has launched two new ICT products, PowerTray and PowerTrolley, keeping portable devices organised, secure and always charged ready for use.

The PowerTrays come in two sizes - a deep (F2) and an extra deep (F25) version, and can each store 10 tablets. The PowerTrolley can adapt to house either 3 tiers of deep trays, charging 30 devices at any one time or 2 tiers of extra deep trays, charging 20 units. The deeper trays also feature a lid to protect the contents and can be used as a stand-alone unit, transportable between clinics, wards and hospital departments.

Based on the company’s established expertise in producing efficient, robust and colourful tray/trolley combinations which are compatible with standard office furniture, PowerTray and PowerTrolley take these features into the digital age.

The trays continuously analyse the appetite for power from USB electronic devices such as phones, tablets and data loggers, responding with an optimized rate of charge and syncing between them to produce a complete storage, charging and syncing solution. The average charge time from 0% to 100% is between 2 and 4 hours. In addition, the PowerTray has an integral fan and air vents to keep gadgets cool.

The PowerTrolley is specially designed to securely store and charge devices using the new PowerTrays and has useful built-in features such as lockable castors and optional handles. To maintain security, complete units are lockable and, of course, mobile for easy deployment to storerooms or cupboards.

PowerTrays are available in white and come in two alternative heights, while PowerTrolleys offer 5 contemporary colours to complement or contrast with décor and furniture. Both are futureproofed, universal and firmware updatable to be compatible with changes in technology.

Gratnells has responded to the universal adoption of technology in the medical environment with storage systems that are compact, lightweight and versatile while providing security and additional functionality. PowerTray deep and extra deep models are available in both Charge and Charge and Sync.

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