Home is where assisted living & healthcare is

Assisted Living & Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry in the UK and Legrand, global specialists in electrical and digital building infrastructures, have established a new identity as the Home of Assisted Living & Healthcare.

With the average living age and the number of individuals considered vulnerable or at risk increasing daily, technology is forming a central role in the delivery of cost effective, efficient and reliable social care and health care services. This technology is quickly advancing as the demand for digitally enabled products and services intensifies.

As traditional analogue systems undergo the transition to digital, this is forcing social care and health care services to consider the implications of the digital switchover on their own existing infrastructures, as well as how new technology could allow them to support additional dependants.

Legrand’s Assisted Living & Healthcare division designs, manufactures and supplies innovative technology enabled care solutions (TECs) for health, housing and social care services in the UK & Ireland. The division’s new identity brings three separate brands; Tynetec, Aid Call and Jontek together, to position Legrand as a leader in the assisted living market.

Kathryn Burton, Marketing Communications Manager at Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare, explains: “The technology used by social care and health care services must continue to evolve in order to fulfil the needs of those that depend on these services. Our new Assisted Living & Healthcare identity brings our capabilities in market leading TECs under one roof.

“All three brands are very successful in their own right but it was important for us to unite our offering to make it easy for customers to access our expertise and exploit the synergies between our products. This ensures that we continue to provide the excellent products and services our customers have come to expect and in turn, will enable us to continue investing and innovating within the industry.”

The division’s Tynetec brand specialises in digitally enabled at-home alarm units and telecare solutions that work together seamlessly to empower individuals supporting themselves in their own home. The brand also creates a range of grouped living and access control systems, designed to ensure that local authorities and housing associations across the UK have flexible and future proofed options to effectively support their residents.

National Sales Manager for Tynetec, Stuart Carroll, said: “One of the consequences of the UK’s ageing population is a large increase in incidences where family members or friends find themselves managing a loved one’s long-term health condition within the home environment.

“Our products are designed to allow customers and carers to effectively manage health conditions and maintain independence in their own for homes for as long as possible. We focus on providing 21st century technology that supports interoperability with other systems, which is ultimately changing the way we support ourselves and others within the home.”

Aid Call has been the market leader in wireless nurse call technology for over 40 years, creating flexible and reliable products and solutions that are bespoke to care home, care groups and hospitals.

Chris Donnelly, National Sales Manager for Aid Call, said: “Touchsafe Pro is a direct result of our continued investment in research and development. All Aid Call telecare products and services are developed following feedback from our customers who are at the front line of care delivery. We continually strive to innovate and tailor our offering to specifically meet our customers’ individual requirements regardless of the size or scale of their operations.

“Going wireless offers many benefits, not least greater flexibility to provide a more personalised approach to care provision, offering patients greater independence and making them more comfortable in their environment.

“Operating a nurse call system over our detected self healing Digi Mesh network offers unrivalled safety that is also quick and undisruptive to fit because there’s no need for cables. As well as offering ongoing room for flexibility and a more cost effective installation with lower life time cost over a traditional hardwired system.” 
The most recently acquired brand, Jontek, ensures Legrand can offer complete end-to-end TECs, which prompted the new identity as the Home as Assisted Living & Healthcare. This business provides monitoring & response centre software solutions, incorporating telecare, telehealth & m-Care, to the public and private sector.

Trevor Hoggard, National Sales Manager for Jontek, adds: “Our software gives alarm centre operators the ability to accept calls from both analogue and digital systems on one platform, and as the provider of one of the only digitally enabled platforms in the UK, we are continuously developing our systems to keep up with the evolving needs of our customers.”
In the world of assisted living and healthcare, advancements in technology will enable users to benefit from innovative products for many years to come, and Legrand is investing heavily in the development of new technology to meet the challenges that lie ahead for health care and social care services.

Legrand, which has a presence in over 80 countries with approximately 36,000 employees worldwide, is organised into five separate divisions; assisted living and healthcare, cable management, power distribution, wiring devices and data communications.

The divisions rationalise the comprehensive range of products and solutions the company supplies in a multitude of industries, while creating a structure that focuses on their customers. Each product is designed through continued investment in research and development to significantly increase the value-in-use for every user.