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Medstrom Healthcare

Announcing an innovation in hospital beds for the mental health arena from Medstrom Healthcare

Choice in beds for mental health patients is very limited. In the most extreme environments beds are often required to be floor fixed and are nothing more than solid blocks, removing all potential for patient and caregiver harm.

But what about mental health patients who are admitted with complex care needs or physical health issues? What about patients who are detained in mental health units for lengthy periods of time, who develop age-related health issues? Or patients admitted to dementia assessment units, usually from a nursing home facility, who will often have multiple healthcare needs and limited mobility in addition to being at high risk of falls? What opportunities exist to enhance the care, comfort and wellbeing of these patients?

The MMO 3000MH is an ultra-low electric profiling bed from Medstrom Healthcare designed for the mental health environment that delivers a number of unique and innovative features, including:

  • Ultra-low height from just 19cm offers protection if confused patients climb or fall from the bed
  • Ability to set a custom height for every patient to aid their safe mobilization from and to the bed
  • Safe and easy patient positioning via a full range of electric functions

The MMO 3000MH includes adaptations to ensure its suitability for the mental health environment including:

  • Cable-free, wireless infrared hand control to remove ligature risk
  • Removable power cord and concealed cables remove ligature risk and enable staff to move bed around the ward easily
  • Fixed sleep deck panels and smooth, fixed head and foot boards minimise the potential of harm to the patient and caregiver
  • In ultra-low position, there is no access for limbs under the bed

The MMO 3000MH can be customized to fit easily into any mental health setting, with a choice of side rails and a full range of matching furniture.

Additional features and benefits of the MMO 300MH include:

  • The backrest will automatically pause at the two most clinically beneficial positions of
  • - 30° of head elevation, allowing greater residual capacity of the lungs and therefore improving oxygenation levels. It will also enhance the wellbeing of a patient who is recovering after surgery or someone who has been very ill.
    - 45° of head elevation, a semi-recumbent position that enhances respiratory function, well-being and promotes the feeling of progress in mobilisation for the patient.

  • The electric backrest lengthens as it articulates to a maximum of 70°, extending the platform by 12cm. This accommodates a semi-recumbent then sitting position without pushing the patient forward. It will also prevent slipping or sliding down the bed. This maintains position and enhances comfort as well as safety and will reduce the risk of tissue damage in this vulnerable group of patients.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg have an automatic ‘back to flat’ feature that removes guesswork, the need for angle indicators and unnecessary bending for caregivers.
  • A chair position can be achieved via just one button operation. Full cardiac chair position can then be achieved by incorporating the reverse Trendelenburg function. This position is a very important part of any patient’s progress when mobilising. Often in busy clinical settings there are not enough nurses to assist patients into a chair, or there are simply not enough chairs. This stage of mobilisation is a key part of recovery – the earlier this is achieved the earlier patients will stand, then walk. This has obvious benefits for wellbeing, patient psychology and earlier discharge from hospital.

For more information or to request a demonstration please contact us.

0843 5060530

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