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Software company MJog Limited has developed the MJog Smart service which allows patients to access their health communications wherever they are and whenever they choose to. Online information is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, directly through the MJog Messenger App (available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store). MJog Smart is a replacement for SMS services which creates richer and more engaging content for patients, delivered through a variety of data rich messages.

As the growth in smartphone usage continues to steadily rise in the UK where 71% of adults own a smartphone*, Patient communications are being transformed through digital channels which appeal to a cross section of the population. A move from desktops and tablets to smartphones has changed the way the population is consuming, with some adults only using smartphones to access information.

“There is a clear preference among app users for accessing content through apps rather than browsers”*

With the MJog Messenger App, Patients find it much easier to respond to communications often by just clicking button. It is free, quick, and simple to reply to communications using the App; Patients receive instant notifications when they have a message waiting for them in the App. Their health and access to your Practice services will improve without the headache of additional work. Using our Patient friendly template library will also save your Practice time, leaving you free to place resources where needed most.

Kevin Nutt, Managing Director at MJog: “Following feedback from our growing customer base, a natural progression for our development was to provide a secure digital channel which allows healthcare providers to create rich, stylised content which can engage with patients and inform them of available services. It also enables them to respond in a click or two, which simplifies the process – no more trying to call a Practice and not getting through. Patients responding via a smartphone is part and parcel of how most people communicate today, whether with their banks, managing utilities or social media.”

MJog Smart provides free message delivery with just one low annual subscription charge; zero message delivery cost for Practices and patients via MJog Smart. A readily available Smart Template Library contains best practice message templates, which are ready to use for key health conditions (for example, asthma, diabetes, smoking status) recalls and patient surveys allowing greater access to a wide range of Practice services. The rich and engaging message content is created using styled text and coloured images, which allows clear and branded communications to Patients, enabling them to respond to requests for action in a simple click! MJog Smart provides in-App Integration, interacting with all popular iOS and Android apps such as Skype, Google Maps, Chrome/Safari, Facebook and Twitter, providing a rich engaging experience for Patients. MJog Smart is a secure a confidential application providing the highest levels of end-to-end encryption of messages and a secure PIN login for patients to retrieve their confidential communications.

Many CCGs have funded the MJog Smart service which means nearly 5 million patients (at July 2017) will soon be able to access the MJog Messenger app. “There will soon be more than 500 Practices who are already taking advantage of the MJog Smart service, which will allow Patients to switch from SMS to secure and free digital messaging”

About MJog

Since MJog was established in 1988, it has grown to be one of the leading providers of digital communications, enabling healthcare providers to deliver two-way communications to their patients and allowing patients to respond to communications creating improved access and engagement.

With expertise in multiple market sectors including primary and secondary health care, including community health, MJog is able to deliver solutions to address multiple and bespoke requirements to meet specific needs. Annually MJog delivers more than 150 million messages across multiple digital channels (SMS, email and voice) reaching 1 in 4 of the UK population. Its software solution provides an integrated and scalable solution which can be adapted, helping achieve greater productivity and efficiencies through the delivery of appointment reminders, results, recalls, vaccination invites and the promotion of self-care through closer monitoring of long term conditions.

MJog takes data security very seriously and is committed to protecting any information entrusted to us by all our clients to ensure patient confidentiality. MJog enforces strict security procedures and maintain high levels of data protection conforming to standards including ISO 27001:2013, 100%IGSoC, and our message transfer includes encryption to military level of 256 bit to ensure safety.

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