Parking Solutions 24

Parking Solutions 24 specialises in locating land no matter what size or condition it may be in, and turning it into a profitable asset for the landowner, or organisation. We are fully approved by governing bodies including the British Parking Association. The British Parking Association, is a British-based trade association that represents the views and interests of its membership drawn principally from the parking and traffic management fields, setting standards and ensuring equality across England and Wales.

There are many car park management services that we offer, all tailored to suit individual needs depending on the size and location of the land or car park. All of our sites are audited by the BPA to ensure we meet their exacting specifications.

Our parking solutions include enforcement by the issue of PCN’s(Parking Charge Notice) to vehicles that have exceeded their time or are not authorised to park on your land.  We use an industry recognised system for issuing and a convenient online method for the payment of PCNs so there is no inconvenience to the land owner. Once tickets have been issued outstanding payments can be pursued through the DVLA and providing there are no valid reasons the ticket should be cancelled we will actively pursue outstanding payments of PCNs.

Car park enforcement can be used in your Pay & Display car park or private parking area.

We are an ethical company and give the power to the land owner and if the land owner wishes for PCNs to be cancelled we would uphold that request.

Our easy to manage parking solutions include Pay and Display, ANPR, permits and mobile Self Ticketing systems.  We provide the best solution that meets your parking space needs from a shopping centre to some spare land at the back of your offices through to hospitals, colleges and Universities.

Our pay and display systems can allow full entry of the car registration to remove the option of passing tickets to other motorists and are all easy to operate.  We offer a full maintenance system and collection if necessary, teamed with our enforcement strategy this offers a good return on your parking spaces while keeping space available for your clients.

We can take care of everything from installation of signage and machines, maintenance, cash collections, enforcement, line marking and can even arrange CEO’s (Car park Enforcement Officer) nationwide who will patrol your premises to British Parking Association standards.

ANPR can provide time restricted parking where you are discouraging parking for many hours at a time while still allowing motorists to park without payment.

Our Mobile App is the ultimate in convenience and allows customers to pay via an app they download to their smart phone, this can also include payment by phone for people who do not use smart phones.

All our systems can be integrated together for a comprehensive package and we will work with you to offer the most suitable package for your needs.

Do you have land that is under used and left unattended, if so we can help turn your land into a revenue stream, we offer a full installation package at our cost which we recoup through a percentage based on tickets issued. This solution provides you with a revenue stream for no initial outlay.

Here at PS24 we believe in raising standards in the parking sector and in delivering a more professional service to our customers. We have contracts with the NHS based purely our approach to enforcement so we always discuss your requirements with you to make sure they adhere to your ideal enforcement policy. With our ethical standards, your parking will be in safe hands. We believe providing, managing and paying for hospital and University car parking needs to be seen in the context of delivering a better and fairer service to users. Both NHS Trusts and car park operators must recognise the importance of car parking policies, both in terms of the wider transport strategy and the need to manage traffic and parking in line with demand and environmental needs.

It is not only essential to provide safe car parking for hospital and University users, but to use income from Car Parking charges to help pay for essential maintenance and management services, and prevent these from becoming a drain on healthcare/educational budgets.

Our service resolves the need for extra enforcement or more strict enforcement, by way of less illegal parking situations arising, ‘Strictly no Parking’ areas being kept clear and yellow areas being clear which results in a safer and more efficient car park.

If you require further information please contact us today for a no obligation informal chat to discuss your needs or to book a site visit with our Contracts Manager.

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