The Pillow That Helps Fight Infection - Now Available From Central Medical

Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS), a specialist supplier of medical equipment, is now distributing the SleepAngel® pillow, which it launched at the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Annual Conference.

The SleepAngel® pillow, provides a clinically proven barrier to contamination and features the patented PneumaPure™ filter technology. This filer technology enables the pillow to ventilate, so it is comfortable, but prevents the passage of liquids and airborne pathogens that colonise the interior of standard bedding products.

The SleepAngel® pillow features a multi-stretch, polyurethane coated, soft touch outer fabric. It is vapour permeable, waterproof, durable and easy to wipe clean. The pillow seams are welded on all sides rather than stitched, as needle perforations caused by sewing seams are over 100 times larger than harmful pathogens.

A Class 1 medical device - making it designed and registered for use in hospitals - the SleepAngel® pillow helps reduce the risk of infection, improve patient care and save a hospital trust money. The pillow is infection resistant, which keeps the pillow clean inside. Standard pillows can become contaminated inside but the SleepAngel® pillow is a scientifically proven 100 per cent barrier to germs, including MRSA, Norovirus, C.diff, E.coli and other allergens.

Bedding has an important role to play in infection control. Patient cross-infection and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) pose a major threat for hospitals and can significantly increase patient suffering and hospital spending. Bedding interiors colonised with bacteria become a reservoir of infection, thereby posing an increased risk of Hospital Acquired Infections. (1) In a comprehensive study, the World Health Organisation states that nine per cent of healthcare budgets are taken up with problems related to HAIs.(2, 3)

Standard hospital pillow designs enable pathogens to enter through the cover fabric, side stitching, vents or a combination of all these entry points. In addition, the movement of contaminated pillows around hospital wards and through hospital laundries is identified as a mode of spreading pathogens.

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