Solar PV funding for hospitals – no capital investment required

Solar South West (SSW) understand that hospitals, running 24/7, have an extremely high energy demand.

This constant consumption can be expensive, but it also puts hospitals in the ideal position to benefit from the cost & carbon saving use of solar power.

Budget restrictions often mean that CAPEX options for renewable energy projects go to the back of the queue. It’s catch 22 – you can’t invest to make savings on your bills because your bills & costs are too high.

That’s why SSW are offering a simple funding formula via a competitive power purchase agreement to hospitals and the public sector. 

You can now receive your own PV system effectively free of charge, whilst making immediate savings on your electricity bill… So how does it work?

Firstly, SSW construct your appropriately sized PV system with no capital investment required.

You then repay SSW’s investment by purchasing energy generated by the system instead of from your supplier, at a price which will always remain at a sizeable discount to what you currently pay - generating immediate savings on your electricity costs.

Your already reduced electricity bill is now also contributing towards the cost of a PV system. Not only that, but you will also receive income from Feed in Tariff (FiT) payments.

So, for less money than you currently spend on electricity alone, you will receive the same amount of electricity (with 100% less emissions), FiT payments, ownership of a new solar PV system, and free maintenance for the system over the agreement’s duration.

What this means is, you will be paying for a solar system to reduce operating costs in the long term, through savings you make on your electricity bill in the short term. There really is no catch.
Once the competitive system cost is repaid, SSW can transfer ownership over. Alternatively, to avoid increases in business rates, SSW can retain ownership and provide 100% of the electricity the nominal cost of annual maintenance.
Pricing structures will be arranged to suit you and SSW have a number of payment options; including flat rate payback, and tiered pricing, whereby the price per unit will reduce annually. There is also potential to include energy storage.
Take advantage of this offer whilst you still can. Get in touch for more info on our website or call us.

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