SUMO Technologies

SUMO Technologies was founded in 1998 with a mission to provide more options to users and system integrators in the growing thin-client and embedded systems markets. Since that time we have expanded to offer our customers a much larger variety of solutions and service making it possible to take computing to previously impossible environments a possibility.

The success of our SUMO range gives us the opportunity and knowledge to work with our partners to design even better solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. Our latest line of products come in all shapes and sizes bringing new opportunities to take computing to all the places that are not suitable for a PC to be deployed.

In the past few years our health facilities have seen a significant change in the availability of information to care givers. First with the secure access to HIS, EHR and other solutions on a workstation, then this workstations moves onto a mobile powered cart, which becomes battery powered and more flexible, then tablet’s, then Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s). Sumo Technology has been at the forefront of this healthcare evolution for nearly two-decades so recognising the distinct requirements of healthcare, and the focus needed to ensure that products and solutions meet those requirements, in 2017 we brought together nearly 20 years expertise of delivering innovative solutions with experts in the field of healthcare technology, to create Sumo Healthcare.  Sumo Healthcare sources products from leading manufacturers throughout the world, and partners with innovative companies in Europe, to deliver solutions that will make a difference.

Our current product range includes:

Medical Tablets
Sporting Full-HD capacitive touch screens, high performance, energy efficient Intel® Celeron® dual core processors, and a full-slot smart card readers within a slim, lightweight, durable package. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection as well as options for front and back camera, our tablets offer health professionals an effective tool to monitor, record and retrieve patient information.

Medical Computers
Utilised on a desk or mounted on a cart our All-in-One Medical PC integrates 20", 22” or 24” screens, with powerful yet energy-efficient Intel® 5th Generation Core™ and hot-swappable batteries in a compact with anti-microbial coating to facilitate mobility for healthcare applications. With WLAN connectivity and optional smart card reader they are ideal for health professionals to manage patient information and eliminate the need to purchase costly medical cart batteries.

Medical PDA’s
Facilitating an increased level of portability with significant computing power and the ability to read barcodes as well as RFID’s, our range of medical PDA’s aim to provide clinicians with the flexibility to access patient information quickly and efficiently without the need to access workstations or carry around a tablet.

Cart Systems
Combining a Medical Tablet with a sleek, lightweight rolling cart, our Medical Tablet Cart System sports a locking tablet mount for secure operation and additional ports for expanded functionality. A hot-swappable battery pack for extended operating time (up to 14 hours total), maximizes the performance and power longevity.  The tablet can also be used without the cart with the touch of a button and easily carried with the built-in hand strap, designed for comfort and minimal arm strain.

Solutions Innovation
Our expertise doesn't end with hardware, as an innovator we partner with leading-edge healthcare technology companies to collaborate on innovative solutions that help to increase access to information and drive down costs.  We work with software partners in cardiology, vital signs monitoring and assistive technology and are able to demonstrate these solutions to show our technology not as a computer, but as a vital tool in delivering healthcare.

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