Making complex journeys simple

Our hospital wayfinding consultancy provides and intelligent and holistic solution that makes use of our broad expertise in signage, interiors and wayfinding design.

20/20 are specialists in:

  • Wayfinding consultancy
  • Signage
  • Interior design
  • Values communication

We make wayfinding as straightforward as we can for the widest variety of people whatever their different abilities, backgrounds and needs.

Our consultancy approach recognises the broad variety of people using the hospital - from patients through to admin and clinical teams - their very different needs and abilities, and the often complex and diverse architecture, to deliver as seamless an experience as possible to often stressed or confused users. We work to produce wayfinding strategies fit for the individual location.

Using a Listen, Design, Deliver approach with our clients and their communities, we establish where wayfinding improvements can be made. We design and workshop sign and interior schemes, create templates, and provide full support with tendering for, or installing, interior finishes and sign systems.

This means that the final result is tailored to the style of the particular facility and the needs of its users - a practical and effective solution rather than just a generic interpretation of a sign style guide.

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