Agrippa holders installed at Nightingale Hammerson care home

Agrippa fire door holders have been installed into one of London’s care homes to ease access for staff and residents.

Nightingale House offers residential, nursing and dementia care to men and women over the age of 60. With over 300 residents, staff in the care home required a solution to replace their existing fire door holders.

Bianca Temple, said: “We started to search for an alternative when the door retainers we had fixed to the fire doors began to fail. We require the doors to be held open in the office and communal areas to ease access for staff and residents.

“The Agrippa holders were installed into the care home very quickly by our on-site engineer. We have a fire alarm test each Monday and the Agrippa holders have never failed to close the doors.”

The Agrippa door holders provide a safe and legal solution to holding open fire doors. The devices are battery-powered and can be installed in less than 10 minutes, meaning there is very little disruption during fitting.

The ‘listen and learn’ technology used in the Agrippa fire door holder means that the devices record the sound of the building’s specific fire alarm. When the fire alarm sounds, the Agrippa devices recognise the sound and close the fire doors, preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

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