AlgoClear Softclean

AlgoClear Softclean is a simple method developed for the treatment of roofs, walls and general amenity. It is non aggressive in nature. The system comprises the chemical and the equipment needed to deliver it effectively and safely onto the roof. The process is particularly suited to porous materials.

The active ingredient of AlgoClear Pro is a high purity quaternary ammonium. It kills 99.9% of the microbial life and is a potent algaecide killing in the process their reliant hosts – moss and lichen. It does not affect any known material used in construction. It has a rapid breakdown rate after use, leaving residues absorbed by bacteria. It is approved for the cleaning of children’s play areas.

The Softclean technique is inherently safe for the building and the public : The application technique is well controlled and the applicators trained to work with minimal disruptions to the occupier. The operatives work safely.