B-Cam works with healthcare clients to provide a visible deterrent to those who may cause harm.  We provide a trusted source of evidence should an incident occur, whilst ensuring the privacy and security of service users and colleagues.

The presence of an overt camera will often be sufficient to cause a would-be assailant to modify their behaviour, therefore reducing the number of incidents arising in the first instance.  Using a B-Cam device can provide this deterrent factor without compromising privacy. 

B-Cam devices only operate when the wearer activates them, with an audio and visual indicator ensuring those being filmed are also aware that recording is taking place. 

All B-Cam cameras have a tamperproof design meaning that data cannot be removed from the device, protecting the chain of evidence should an incident have occurred - but also ensuring that any patient or service user information recorded is secure.

B-Cam systems are created with security, integrity and quality, providing vital reassurance and enhanced safety to those who work in this critical sector.

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