Compliance is Key at EDSB

There have been many publicised events over the past couple of years in relation to Fire which have led to Building Owners, Managing Agents and Occupants to review their Fire Safety systems. To simply have a solution in place for Fire Detection & Suppression is only the beginning. Ensuring your system is compliant and competently maintained on a regular basis is your responsibility, a practice which has led to more businesses turning to EDSB for support.

As our strapline states ‘Compliance is Key at EDSB’ which is why our position within the Fire & Security Industry is to deliver a compliant Installation & Maintenance service to our national Client base, providing you with confidence of owning a fully functional Fire Safety system with peace of mind when identifying faulty or non-compliant issues throughout our future partnership.

At EDSB, our position is to be the ‘Best in the Industry’, not the cheapest. Our team of cherry picked professionals have decades of Fire & Security experience as well as training & certification in the latest Industry regulations. If you are looking for a reliable supplier or wish to discuss how we can help you, please contact us by telephone or email.

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