The Complete Cup Collection Solution

EnvirocupXL is a new cup collection and recycling bin from Leafield Environmental that can accommodate every size of disposable cup up to the 103mm diameter, including the larger cups popularised by major high street coffee house chains.

Cups dropped through the six, circular apertures nest neatly inside the collection tubes, dramatically increasing the number that can be collected in a bin and reducing the number of times each bin has to be collected and emptied by operatives.

By highlighting the separate collection of cups (which cannot be recycled in the same way that ordinary paper and card is recycled) the EnvirocupXL will help users avoid the additional charges imposed when paper cups contaminate mixed recycling streams.

The EnvirocupXL also incorporates a removable 7.5 litre central liquid hub reservoir to deal with the cold coffee and dregs that invariably pose a disposal problem.

Combined with Enviropods for the collection of cup lids and thermal sleeves, the EnvirocupXL is now the complete solution for cup, lid and sleeve collection.

Easy to empty and clean and available in 100% recycled material (subject to availability) the EnvirocupXL is offered at a suggested RRP of £177.00. Optional extras include graphics personalisation and A3 size signage kits.

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