Merit Medical

Since our beginning in 1987, Merit Medical has consistently prioritized solutions to your procedural challenges, with the goal of making your job safer, accurate and more efficient. We believe that having the right tools enhances patient’s outcome.

Our comprehensive Cardiovascular and Critical Care (CCC) product portfolio, offers these healthcare solutions. This includes custom kits that decrease set-up time and reduce waste, as well as products like blood pressure monitoring systems for the Critical Care settings that enhance the accuracy of patient care.

Our products like the Futura® Safety Scalpels and Advance® Safety needles aim to prevent workplace injury, while contaminant exposure risk is reduced by our infection control solutions like the BackStop+™ Disposal System, the DualCap® Disinfection System, and the Safedraw® closed arterial blood sampling kits.

In addition to the benefits each of these products provide, partnering with Merit Medical will ensure that healthcare providers can rely on innovative products and consistency across the entire continuum of patient care.

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