MoonRay 3D Printer

The MoonRay 3D Printer is now in the UK and being used for dental and medical applications, thanks to the new availability of biomedically approved resins. This elegant DLP printer uses the latest ultra violet projector technology to solidify the liquid resin layers. Each layer is just 20 microns (or a quarter the width of a human hair) thick and builds up a very faithful representation of the most complex 3D models. Typical dentistry parts can be built in a little over an hour and the number of parts per build makes no difference to the printing time. Repeatability is assured with this 3D method, allowing the dimensional accuracy to remain the same wherever the part is on the build platform.

This small desktop package can fit easily into an office or lab environment and comes with built in software, a starter pack and wireless connection. Medical components designed by any CAD software or 3D digitally scanned items can be produced effortlessly and amended for prototype assembly or installation

Distributed for Europe from Bath based Awesome Apps Ltd the printer is fully supported with a warranty, spares and consumables.

01242 370453