Tristel is the only company in the world to combine its proprietary chlorine dioxide technology (ClO2) with innovative packaging to deliver high‑performance disinfectants.

The TristelTM portfolio comprises chlorine dioxide-based disinfectants for semi-critical medical instruments. The unrivalled Tristel Trio Wipes System decontaminates nasendoscopes, transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound probes, TOE probes, laryngoscopes and manometry catheters. The Tristel Sporicidal Wipe is proven effective in a uniform contact time of 30 seconds.

CacheTM is Tristel’s global brand for hospital surface disinfection, comprising chlorine dioxide-based sporicidal disinfectants for use on high‑touch surfaces in patient bed spaces. Discover SHOT, DUEL, JET and FUSE on stand 37.

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