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Digital dispensing is the future for Pharmacies and is arriving in the UK now.

Healthcare budgets are under greater pressure every year, as people live longer and medicines become more costly, while funding simply cannot keep pace with rising demand. The number of people living with long term conditions keeps growing and every health service has to face the same challenge: how to dispense medications more efficiently while keeping errors to the minimum.

In the new digital era, the levels of dispensing automation we see in countries like The Netherlands and Sweden will become the norm in our Community and Hospital pharmacies.
VMI Care has partnered with pharmacists to redesign the Rx assembly, checking and dispensing process in most major European countries. We can help you to manage your operating costs and substantially reduce dispensing errors by bringing our digital dispensing expertise to your pharmacy.

VMI Care is trusted by pharmacists and carers to deliver safe dispensing services to thousands of patients across Europe. VMI Care partners with innovative pharmacists to deliver proven digital dispensing solutions which give healthcare professionals the confidence they need to optimise repeat dispensing, to improve the quality of care and to reduce the costs of medicine distribution.

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