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Because good governance is critical to organisational success WuDo Solutions has developed a range of world class training in key governance areas. Our courses include risk management, conflicts of interests management, whistleblowing, freedom of information, information governance and getting ready for GDPR. They give people practical applicable tools they can really use to embed good governance in their work.

The key benefits to you of our innovative approach to training include our trainers' skills and expertise, honed by years of experience working with organisations and individuals. We listen when people tell us how and what they want to learn. All our training uses real life examples; case studies; and Q&A sessions (among other things) to focus the training on the areas and scenarios that are most relevant to you. We also work with you to ensure your training is designed to meet your needs, and after your course, to help you apply your learning we provide free support including coaching from your trainer for up to six months.

Our approach puts people first, with a focus on using good governance as a springboard to get things done. Find out more on our website or call us.

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