Talk around mobile health applications has developed momentum over recent months. The Mobile Data Association’s Nick Hunn explores pressing issues of who and how mHealth applications will be prescribed

Dan Goldstein of InfoComm International outlines the reasons for the growing use of AV technology in modern medical facilities

50 per cent more patients can now be examined by the cardiac MRI system at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital due to a new technology upgrade

The NHS has reached a fork in the road that could determine its future as a publicly funded, comprehensive service, says Professor Matthew Swindells, Chair of the Health Informatics Forum at BCS

Predictions of the death of NHS IT are wrong. The industry is alive and ready to grow, argues Victor Almeida, senior health analyst for Kable

Many healthcare professionals are using mobile digital equipment to help them deliver better patient care. But the potential of wireless technologies goes a whole lot further, argues Melissa Frewin, head of healthcare at Intellect

What are the types of wireless communications used in hospitals and what benefits do they bring to clinicians and patients?

Hot topics surrounding healthcare informatics were debated at this year’s HC2009 which took place on 28-30 April

What does ‘accessible’ mean in the context of a website, why does it matter and how can you find out how well your site checks out?

With the recent collapse of National Programme contracts in the south there is no doubt that there are now serious challenges facing the NHS and its IT

What national initiatives are available to assist the NHS during the rollout of the National Programme for IT?

This year not only marks the 60th anniversary of the NHS, but also the 5th anniversary of the National Programme for IT, thought to be the largest civil IT programme in the world

More than one million patients are treated every day in the NHS, but – as in all fields of human endeavour – sometimes things will go wrong

The importance of health informatics on the future success of the NHS was explored at this year’s BCS Healthcare Computing conference

Ian Lowry of NHS Connecting for Health takes a look at Release 2 of the Electronic Prescription Service and explores the impact it will have on the future of prescribing


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Global Healthcare Experts announced as Grand Jury for Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award 2023 to be held in London