Meeting the challenge of transformation

The largest national integrated care conference returns to London’s ExCeL on 29-30 June, providing a world class learning and networking environment for health and care professionals.

Health+Care is the most comprehensive event for health and care professionals and takes visitors from vision to implementation. With a focus on integration, Health+Care 2016 is comprised of four events: The Commissioning Show, Technology First, The Residential Care Show and The Home Care Show. The four events will run in tandem, allowing delegates to network with anyone from the entire 360 care pathway at any one time.

Visitors need only apply once for a delegate pass, which will grant access to all areas of the event. Health+Care has also secured 4,500 education bursaries to give away as free passes for the event, so if you are a GP, practice manager or a key decision maker of a senior care provider or within the public sector you will be eligible for one of these passes. Passes are available on a first come first serve basis and are usually allocated well in advance of the event. Over 1,000 have already been claimed, so make sure you register soon to avoid having to pay for your ticket.

Why attend?
Health+Care satisfies the needs of all key health and care system stakeholders and fulfils all learning needs to disseminate transformation and deliver best practice in a senior peer to peer environment. The event enables visitors to meet and network with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges.

Health+Care is the largest national event for the health and care sector but, despite its size, it is still possible for each delegate to follow their own path of learning, directly linked to doing their role better, or they can step outside their area of responsibility and follow personal interests be it clinical, policy, personalisation, public health, technology advancements or simply saving more time and money.

In the face of social care funding cuts that are leaving care businesses, big, small and council reliant, struggling to keep afloat, Health+Care promises to bring all of the stakeholders together to discuss preventative steps to ensure the situation does not get any worse, providing a dedicated programme with hard-hitting advice to help care businesses cope with the mounting pressure.

Transformation Hub
This year Health+Care presents the first ever Transformation Hub around the theme: ‘Delivering Transformation at Scale and Pace’. This will provide a powerful, topical, thought-leading centre-piece for the event’s core ‘integrated care’ theme and will create a significant and wide ranging communication platform for all those involved.

Across England, local leaders of public services are now facing up to the challenge of meeting the needs of their local populations with significantly less resources. The government has embarked on the process of devolving decision making powers and control of available resources to local areas, and the pace is set to quicken.

For local areas the challenge of truly transforming how services are delivered is immense. Not only do new service delivery models need designing, but new organisational models that threaten the existence of existing organisations may be needed.

The Five Year Forward View challenged local health economies to respond to the long-term health and social care challenges and there is a clear view that health and social care services could be improved if statutory organisations could manage to work together in a more efficient manner with local areas combining more effectively to join up their approach.

A key part of the agenda is the NHS England Vanguard programme which is intended to lead on the development of New Care Models (NCM) by acting as blueprints for the NHS moving forward, providing guidance and inspiration to the rest of the health and care system.

Whilst the benefits of integrated care to provide comprehensive and personalised care to individuals and populations are well recognised, there are a number of significant barriers to integrated working both real and perceived and support is required to help with the transition from theory to practice.

Transformation programmes ideally would have the best expert advice and practical support built in from the start to ensure success, particularly as many of the familiar rules, relationships and assumptions of the NHS are shifting, meaning that building confidence and certainty across local systems becomes even more important.

It creates opportunities to help develop and facilitate that implementation, which in turn creates opportunities for any organisation that can assist.

‘Delivering Transformation at Scale and Pace’ will be a central ‘show within a show’ on the main exhibition floor providing content opportunities throughout the event’s content ‘pyramid’ structure for 2016, which includes: plenary/thought leadership; issues/strategy; workshops/learning; and skills/individual development.

At its centre will be a NCM theatre where Vanguards, ‘Fast Followers’ and other initiatives will be invited to present their individual programmes and respond to delegates’ questions - speakers will be encouraged to focus on ‘the how’ of moving from vision to practical delivery, the challenges they encountered and the solutions they developed.

The question and answer sessions will be moderated and there will be legal, governance and other specialists on hand to provide an immediate point of view on any such matters arising during the session.

Around the New Care Models theatre, the same organisations will be invited to exhibit alongside others involved directly or indirectly in the implementation of New Care Models. Delegates will have the opportunity to understand the detail of Vanguard programmes and learn first-hand from their experiences.

Conference streams
The 2016 conference streams include a mix of keynote sessions and debates, case studies and presentations and Q&As in the main conference lecture theatres and interactive peer-to-peer workshops and round tables in break-out rooms.

The ‘NHS providers: delivering safe sustainable care’ stream presents a rare opportunity for senior figures from NHS provider organisations to step out of their silos, take a strategic view of the future and find out how their peers are tackling challenges similar to their own. This programme will enable the rapid dissemination of ideas and solutions to support NHS trusts and other provider organisations to operate more efficiently and effectively. High on the agenda will be the implementation of the Five Year Forward View, the Carter Report and the Dalton Review. There will also be discussion and case studies on how hospital care needs to be remodelled for the future, with a move away from traditional institutions towards hospital chains and networks.

As part of the NHS providers stream, Jim Mackey, chief executive, NHS Improvement, will outline what NHS Improvement is doing to support the NHS to get back on its feet and work towards long-term sustainability, as well as speak about the role of NHS Improvement in embedding a learning culture across the NHS - Set out his vision for improving quality outcomes for patients and explain why quality and financial objectives cannot trump one another.

The ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups-Shaping the Future’ stream will be delivered in partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioners and will focus on how CCGs need to adapt to survive and continue to add value to the rapidly changing health and care system.

CCGs will be under pressure to operate at greater scale, collaborating with each other and other stakeholders across health and social care and this stream will explore what needs to change to allow CCGs greater freedom and flexibilities to innovate and transform care for the local population they serve.

Commissioning leads and providers of mental health services will be able to find out about how to turnaround services and reverse the impacts of years of underinvestment in ‘A New Era for Mental Health’. This stream will provide a chance for mental health commissioning leads and providers to share best practice and discuss current challenges and opportunities facing mental healthcare in the NHS. Sessions will include case studies illustrating new models of care focussing on crisis and recovery and new population-based approaches to mental health through health and social care devolution and the Vanguard programme.

The ‘NHS Right Care - Commissioning for Value’ stream will include a keynote session outlining the overall vision and principles behind Commissioning for Value and why the decision has been made to embark on a multi-million pound roll-out of Right Care across all CCGs. There will also be a session in the CCG Theatre on commissioning Population Healthcare, variation and value.

Further sessions in the Workshop rooms will take visitors through useful toolkits to support, for example, value-based commissioning guidelines for surgical procedures, taking some of the pain out of making tough decisions and empowering the patient through Shared Decision Making.

Primary Care
The transformation of primary care to enable the shift of more activity out of hospitals is fundamental to successful implementation of the Five Year Forward View. The ‘Transforming Primary Care’ stream will look at how general practice and wider primary care is being expanded and fortified through the Vanguards and other new care models. Sessions will include case studies showcasing innovative new approaches to the delivery of general practice at scale –from super-practices and partnerships to highly effective and efficient GP federations. There will be a focus on primary care collaborating with community, acute, mental health and social care in new accountable‑care style organisations. One significant example featured at this conference will be the Primary Care Home – the radical new community-based model of integrated health and social care featuring accountable‑care organisations with capitated budgets for populations of between 30,000 and 50,000.

There will also be case studies showcasing new collaborations between general practice, primary and community care and the greater use of hospital specialists in the community and visitors will have the chance to attend expert clinics to advise on the legal, infrastructure and governance issues around transformation.

GP practices and federations can also access advice on how to operate efficiently and effectively in an increasingly tough market as part of the ‘Essential Practice Finance’ stream.

This half-day conference stream, aimed at practice managers and GP partners, will include expert-led, highly interactive sessions designed to give you a more in-depth understanding of the growing complexities of general practice finance as well as the enhanced skills you need to protect and grow your practice or federation. There will be an overview of the financial risks and challenges for practices in 2016/17 and advice on identifying new business opportunities and income streams.

Further streams to be featured at the event include: ‘Creating Person-Centred Care Systems’; ‘Social Care Commissioning’; ‘Progress in Personalisation’; ‘Home Care Innovation’; and ‘Future of Public Health’.

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