Turning the tide of Type 2 diabetes

Chanelle Corena looks at why tackling the prevention of Type 2 diabetes is so crucial and the steps Diabetes UK is taking to transform UK health

An overwhelming problem unresolved

Michael Lyons provides an analysis of the government’s long delayed and highly contested Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Obesity - expensive and expansive

Lucy Turnbull, chair of the Obesity Specialist Group at the British Dietetic Association, examines the obesity crisis facing Britain and how hospitals and dietitians can best manage the issue

Can a sugar tax solve the obesity epidemic?

In light of Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement of a ‘sugar levey’ in the 2016 Spring Budget, Dr Matthew S Capehorn weighs in on the affect this could have on obesity levels.

Changes in the management of adult obesity

Obesity is still one of the biggest public health epidemics that we face in modern society, and we do not appear to be winning the battle. The National Obesity Forum’s Dr Matthew S Capehorn dicusses what could be done to change the dynamics.

Tackling Britain’s waistline to fight diabetes

With obesity a major concern for the nation’s health, Dr Jim O’Brien, of Public Health England’s Diabetes Prevention programme, discusses the importance of acting now to combat diabetes.

The British Dietetic Association’s Linda Hindle examines the obesity crisis facing Britain and comments on strategic approaches to curb this worrying trend

When an outsized patient is delivered to your door, do you have the right equipment to deal with him or her? And are you able to care for them with dignity and handle them without fear of personal injury? Tam Fry spokesman at the National Obesity Forum, examines the impact of obesity on the NHS

Dr Matthew S Capehorn, clinical director of the National Obesity Forum, examines the problem facing the NHS

Considering the range of health problems associated with obesity, weight loss surgery is an economical alternative for the NHS says obesity expert Shaw Somers, who developed The Sudbury Clinic

Obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of modern times, especially in the UK, with its negative health consequences and huge cost to the NHS and the wider cost to the society.

As the population of obese people grows, education and training in how to understand and deal with their specific handling problems will become a necessary part of every carer’s skill base


Chris Pring MA MD FRCS, consultant bariatric surgeon, Streamline-Surgical, discusses the vital role that bariatric surgery can play in managing the rising tide of obesity in the UK

Health research specialist Perpetuity considers some of the recent evidence and reveal the true cost of obesity as well as the associated challenges it creates

Dietitians are essential in ensuring the population achieves better nutritional status against the bleak backdrop of declining public health, says Esther Avery of the British Dietetic Association


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