NHS England published updated national standards for healthcare food and drink in November. HB investigates

The NHS is the first health service in the world to embed net zero into legislation, with a goal of reaching net zero by 2040. Here we look at the Green Plan of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

December 2022 marked the opening of Devizes Health Centre in Wiltshire to patients. But what makes this site so special? And how is it helping to tackle climate change? James Wakeham, principal construction manager at NHS Property Services (NHSPS), explains

In December, Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty, published his annual report, this time on air pollution


Digital Health Rewired, the premier conference, exhibition and networking show for the UK digital health community, has published its 2023 programme showcasing the very best use of digital and data across UK health and care.

Dr Colette Jeffrey Associate Professor of Wayfinding at Birmingham City University on why hospital wayfinding is so difficult

NHS Digital recently published its Estates Returns Information Collection for 2021/22 which sets out information relating to the costs of providing and maintaining the NHS Estate including buildings, maintaining and equipping hospitals, the provision of services and the costs and consumption of utilities

Ahead of the Digital Health Rewired conference in March, Professor Ben Goldacre explains why information governance is not enough when it comes to protecting privacy.

By Misbah Mahmood, digital midwife, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

Ahead of his session at Digital Health Rewired in March 2023, director of AI, imaging and deployment at the NHS Transformation Directorate, Dominic Cushnan explains the need to focus on supporting NHS organisations to deploy AI technologies.

Chris Bennett, head of behaviour change and engagement at Sustrans explores the pros of social prescribing and what is needed to really reap the benefits

In this article, Barbara Harpham, chair of the Medical Technology Group, looks at regional variation in healthcare and how regions and hospitals can learn from each other to improve care

Phil Howe, chief technology officer at Core to Cloud examines the cyberthreat to the NHS from nation state actors and cyber criminals

Cybersecurity will always be needed for the NHS, but what is the current threat level and what can be done to mitigate these threats?

Tim Morris, vice president, clinical solutions, Elsevier Health has a look at the pros and cons of digitised healthcare

Valerie Phillips, healthcare expert at PA Consulting discusses the advancement and benefits of at-home testing

Barbara Harpham, chair of the Medical Technology Group explains how medical technology can help clear the backlog

Maeve Hully, director of volunteering, Helpforce explains the benefits of volunteering for patients, the workforce and the health service as a whole


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