Dr MaryAnn Ferreux, medical director at Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex (HIKSS), and Melissa Ream, specialist commercial advisor, HIKSS, share their perspectives on the potential opportunities in femtech and women’s health, and how we can work together to reap the benefits.
Lisa Farrell, business development manager at The National Robotarium, looks at how AI and robotics could transform preventative medicine.
The Chancellor’s Spring Budget announced a host of different projects and funding plans across a variety of sectors in the UK. From tax cuts to vaping regulations, there were so many announcements.
Investing in upskilling talent can make a big difference in overcoming the talent challenges in the health and care sector.
The TR19 ventilation specification from the Building Engineering Services Association offers practical guidance on testing and cleaning of air distribution and kitchen extract ventilation systems to meet the required standards.
MRSA usually lives harmlessly on the skin. However, if the bacteria gets inside the body, it can cause a serious infection that needs immediate treatment.