Sarah Greenslade, public affairs and communications officer at the British Parking Association looks at some of the problems and innovations in healthcare parking.
It’s easy to assume that the comms team is there to handle press enquiries and the occasional social media storm – but the reality is that strategic communications can make a measurable impact across the entire organisation, from operational to financial, when done properly.
The use of and therefore waste generated from small medical equipment, particularly that which is single use, can pose problems environmentally and economically. While each individual case may not seem that consequential, the collective impact is significant
In today’s healthcare world, where demand for services continues to grow, Leeds Teaching Hospitals has embarked on a mission to use intelligent automation as a solution to address the pressing issues of delivering effective cancer care in the face of increasing demand and staffing constraints
The NHS has a target of 40-50 virtual wards per 100,000 people and to have 10,000 virtual beds available in time for winter. But what are virtual wards and how can they be utilised to provide benefits for patients and the health service?
As NHS England sets out plans to speed up discharge of patients and improve care in preparation for what it expects to be a “difficult” winter for the service, NHS Shared Business Services unveils a new framework agreement, designed to support hospitals with their patient discharge needs and free up beds.