Let patients choose their GP, says think tank

The report, ‘A Patient Approach: Putting the consumer at the heart of UK healthcare’, requests for an NHS overhaul to allow CCGs to privatise, specialise and ‘compete’ for patients, through merging and demerging with other CCGs.

Practice boundaries were abolished in October 2014, however, in that time only 10,000 patients have registered away from their homes.

The IEA report says: “The whole concept of ‘catchment areas’ should be abolished. Patients should be able to register directly with any CCG they see fit, and choose freely among primary care providers.

“Meanwhile, CCGs should be able to operate nationally, and to merge and de-merge with other CCGs, as well as provider organisations. CCGs would effectively become social health insurers, and the sector should be opened to private insurers as well.”

Read the report

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