We are an official MCS registered installation Company, easily verified on the MCS ‘find an installer portal’. All of our installations come with a 5 year workmanship warranty. System components, inverters and batteries come with a 10 year warranty and our Solar PV Panels come with a minimum 25 year warranty! We can accommodate all nature of installations, ranging from standard domestic & commercial pitched roofs, right up to large flat roofs commonly located on the top of hotels or hospitals.

AQALAX  is a reputable firm based in Sheffield. We are an MCS certified and NAPIT registered organisation. We provide services countrywide.

Bounty Energy Solutions and Technologies are a renewable energy company delivering commercial renewable energy projects across the UK. Our specialist team consists of engineers and project managers with over ten years of renewable energy experience, coupled with specialism in the retrofitting of heating and cooling systems. We’ve worked with a range of public sector clients including schools, police stations, fire stations, leisure centres and health care providers.

Naked Energy is a pioneering British design and engineering business at the forefront of global solar thermal and solar PVT innovation. With a vision to change energy for good, Naked Energy has been a transformative force in the solar industry since 2009.

Empowering the Health Sector's Transition
In the pursuit of Net Zero emissions, the UK’s healthcare sector finds itself at a pivotal crossroads. Balancing the financial squeeze of rising energy costs and the need to achieve ambitious Net Zero targets presents a formidable challenge. However, emerging technologies, such as HVAC System Digital Twins, are revolutionising the path to Net Zero buildings while bridging the dreaded "Performance Gap".

Monitoring Air Quality is an essential part of securing a sustainable future, as air pollution significantly impacts both the environment and human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a staggering 90% of the global population breathes polluted air, leading to various health issues, including strokes, heart diseases, lung cancer, acute and chronic respiratory conditions. Understanding air quality data is imperative to assess the negative health impacts caused by pollution and its financial burden on healthcare systems like the NHS.

Event Diary

In an age characterised by rapid technological advancements, the Communication Technology Expo stands as a beacon of innovation, education, and connectivity. This annual event has become a pivotal gathering for tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious minds eager to explore the ever-evolving landscape of communication technology. With a commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering collaboration, the Communication Technology Expo has earned its reputation as a must-attend event in the world of technology.

Origins and Evolution