Product Feature

Fordingbridge are industry leaders for healthcare and blue light canopy installations across the UK. With a wide range of design concepts as well as in-house design and manufacture teams at your disposal, creating the perfect solution has never been so easy. From start to finish, their specialist teams work with you to effortlessly construct the perfect solution to your site facility; from ambulance bay canopies, entrance builds, staff breakout spaces and covered link walkways, their team can flex their knowledge and expertise into developing turnkey solutions to suit every space.

Ambulance and emergency vehicle canopies address central concerns for patient welfare, as shaping better healthcare facilities is no longer a trend, but a must. Fordingbridge structures are fabricated at their purpose-built facility to ensure minimal on-site disruption and material wastage. With the company’s strategic plans and solutions, 24-hour care can be easily maintained thanks to Fordingbridge’s working dynamics and integration in the site development. Their canopies adhere to the requirements of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability; allowing you to elevate the comfort of your patients as they arrive and depart from your facility which maintaining a positive environmental impact.

Many Fordingbridge walkways have been designed to link two wards together with the aim to minimising visitor congestion thanks to contemporary designs ensuring greatest weather protection whilst implementing simple yet innovative structural concepts that allow for mindful builds to blend with the surrounding hardscapes, offering elevated comfort to those transitioning between departments.

‘I would recommend Fordingbridge to other NHS Trusts without hesitation’ says Mark Porteous at Hull’s NHS Trust. With over 55 years’ experience, Fordingbridge takes great pride in providing bespoke canopy installations, which is evidenced by their 25-year structural guarantee to all builds they undertake. Nurturing the appreciation for meaningful designs is at the heart of Fordingbridge’s business, with views of the bigger picture, and right down to the minute details, creating a human-centred canopy designed with sensibility regarding context. So contact the team at Fordingbridge to see how they can assist you to transform your spaces.

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