Veolia ES (UK) Limited

With deficit levels at their highest in NHS history, now more than ever, hospitals must strike the right balance between managing costs and efficiencies while providing a high level of patient care. By continuously improving solutions for ecological transformation, additional resources can be identified and recovered for hospitals across the UK. This is where Veolia comes in. We specialise in helping hospitals run big, complex, and energy-hungry facilities.

Managing energy in Hospitals since 1938, healthcare is a unique industry. Unlike sectors such as manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, healthcare is completely focused on people, not products. As the population is ageing and the demands of NHS trusts are changing, ensuring patients get the services they need from hospitals is more crucial than ever. Veolia now provides secure on-site Energy, Heat, FM and Clinical Waste Treatment and Recycling services to over 230 UK hospitals. By implementing site wide carbon management strategies we are at the forefront of delivering significant cost and carbon reductions using proven energy efficient technology, and best practice optimisation, supported by energy awareness campaigns.

We currently provide energy services for over 100 hospitals that support the care of patients across 43,000 UK hospital beds. These supply the energy requirements for around 8.1 million inpatients each year and increase the sustainability of the healthcare sector by saving over 120,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions annually.