With so much information available, it can be hard to understand your responsibility around compliance, so it’s time to explain it in steps we all understand.

Cambridge based Kershaw Contracting Services are experts in the management and removal of asbestos.

GIPskins has been developed as a response to the growing problem of arm injuries and skin to skin infections; suffered by social and healthcare workers.

In light of the cyber-attack that hit 150 countries last week, Dave Lee, BBC’s North America technology reporter, said: “There are going to be some tough questions for those institutions which didn't do enough to keep their networks secure, as well as the organizations that were best placed to stop it happening in the first place - the NSA and Microsoft.”

In order to comply the NHS eProcurement strategy all public sector organizations and suppliers to the public sector have to follow the GS1 and PEPPOL standards.

The ever-increasing spread of communications options through both traditional and social media are creating heavier and heavier burdens on an already financially constrained public and private health sector.

Medstrom Healthcare

Announcing an innovation in hospital beds for the mental health arena from Medstrom Healthcare

Established in 1991 we’re one of the UK’s largest privately owned IT hardware manufacturers supplying configured to order IT hardware and infrastructure solutions, deployed and supported by our own nationwide network of engineers.


Led Sky Ceilings are the UK distributor for Lumick.com™. Lumick’s original business focus was to provide a more relaxed and less stressful ambiance in clinical settings.

The latest ERIC report from October 2016 reported that the total annual energy usage from all energy sources across the NHS Estate amounted to 11.9 billion kWh

Garran Lockers

UK healthcare businesses are under more pressure than ever before to ensure that every pound spent helps to achieve better patient outcomes.

Modern day healthcare centres on IT. Healthcare providers rely on the "IT guy" to ensure 24/7 access to patient medical records and availability of medical equipment.

Public sector buildings such as schools, local authorities, government buildings and hospitals could be making considerable energy savings by upgrading their HVAC equipment to innovative Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans.

Outstanding patient care is the primary goal of any healthcare organisation, however to deliver services effectively inevitably means holding a surprisingly diverse amount of confidential

In today’s NHS, there are overlapping organisations which need to exchange information reliably and efficiently.


Event Diary

Just one week after the general election, Confed17 brings together health and social care leaders to hear the detail behind the new government's plans for the NHS, and to debate what it means in practice.

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