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More men than women get physical activity guidelines

66 per cent of men met national aerobic activity guidelines in 2016 compared to 58 per cent of women, new figures have revealed.

Surgeon returns to transform hospital system

A former heart surgeon has returned to Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust to transform the way information systems in the hospitals work.

Over 1,400 NHS dementia patients to be stranded in hospital over Christmas

Lack of social care funding is turning wards into waiting rooms as new figures show dementia patients are delayed up to 10 times longer than those without the condition.

€6.5 million awarded for euro shock heart attack study

A team of researchers at the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre has been awarded €6.5 million from the Horizon 2020 European Commission Fund.

Loneliness ‘lethal in winter’

Cold weather combined with loneliness could be lethal in the coming months, NHS England’s chief nursing officer has warned.

Improvements for race equality in NHS workforce

The chief executive of NHS England has welcomed signs of progress in tackling discrimination among health service staff, but warns of ‘hard work’ still left to do.

Three new medicines for use by NHS Scotland

The SMC has approved the use of three new medicines for use by NHS Scotland, including a new treatment for breast cancer.

‘Bloody stupid' to expect £4bn NHS funding

Jim Mackey has claimed that NHS leaders were ‘bloody stupid’ to expect £4 billion of government investment in last month’s Budget.

 Health Business Features

Modernisation must breathe life back into the NHS

Richard Whomes, director of sales engineering from Rocket Software, argues that it’s time for a full IT health check

Scanning for safety - barcoding progress within the NHS

HB provides its final Top 10 list of 2017 focusing on the trusts leading the way in making efficiency savings through GS1 standards and barcoding technology

Reducing AKI and creating a world first for the NHS

Think Kidneys won a Health Business Award last November. The UK Renal Registry, who orchestrated the campaign, explain the success of the campaign

Newly launched: the NHS Counter Fraud Authority

Following its launch on 1 November, Rianne Endeley-Brown introduces the new special health authority responsible for investigating fraud against the NHS

How do we prevent ‘never events’ in the NHS?

Glen Hodgson explores what is meant by the term a ‘never event’, how can these be prevented and what role does GS1 standards have to play

Transforming mental health services

NHS workforce planning is essential to transforming mental health services, says Leila Reyburn, of the mental health charity Mind

Signalling fire safety plans in hospitals

Following the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire, Mark Hughes considers how signage can play a part in the safe evacuation of large numbers of people

NHS vending machines: where does the conflict lie?

HB looks at price promotions and advertising of unhealthy foods on hospital premises, and how the vending industry is adapting to these changes

 Health Sector Events


The Health Business Awards, now entering their ninth year, have established a reputation for showcasing the success stories in the UK health sector.

Event Diary

The Health Business Awards, now entering their ninth year, have established a reputation for showcasing the success stories in the UK health sector.