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Air pollution linked to increased risk of stroke

A series of studies published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has examined the association between air pollution and health, determining that air pollution is linked to a higher risk of stroke.

New measures to support mental health in schools

Schools across the UK are to receive new advice to improve the understanding and teaching of mental health, in an attempt to tackle the stigma surrounding the subject in schools.

Mental health in sport initiative launched

In an attempt to remove discrimination and prejudice around mental health, sports bodies are joining the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.


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Working to help young minds

With one in ten children needing support or treatment for mental health problems, the government has announced a five year plan to improve services, along with a funding boost from the recent budget announcement.

Technology to empower nurses

Following a second round of funding allocated from the Nursing Technology Fund, NHS England’s Beverley Bryant looks at how the smarter use of modern technology is transforming patient care

Furniture and mental health

When it comes to furniture and mental health, there is more than initially meets the eye, says Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, director of research at the Design In Mental Health Network

Housing the patient surge

Hospitals are struggling with high patient demand and a severe lack of bed space. The MPBA’s Jackie Maginnis examines how the modular and portable building industry can help the situation

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UK e-Health Week: Unleashing the power of e-Health

Healthcare IT is no longer for back office staff and techno-whizzes. A packed conference of health ministers and the Chief Executive and Medical Director of the NHS made sure that was the message delivered to more than 2,000 delegates at the first ever UK e-Health Week.

NHS looks to more efficient heating solutions to cut energy bills

In response to recent reports putting the NHS under pressure to reduce spend and improve energy efficiency measures, ARI-Armaturen UK Ltd has been increasing its affiliation with the NHS in order to help achieve more efficient energy management of estates and facilities.  

Secure furniture solutions

Secure furniture solutions have developed a unique anti ligature wardrobe.

eForms and Tablets – a marriage made in heaven

Electronic Forms or eForms, have been around for a few short years. Mobile or tablet devices are more recent, and have made a huge impact on our computing experience.


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Mental ill health is one of Britain’s biggest social problems. Mental health problems account for nearly 40% of people on incapacity benefit and a take up a third of all GPs’ time.

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