Health Business 24.02

In his budget, the chancellor announced that the NHS in England will receive a £2.5 billion "day-to-day funding boost" for 2024/25 and £3.4 billion in capital investment over the forecast period to help unlock £35 billion in productivity savings over the next Parliament. This will be done by "harnessing new technology like AI and cutting admin workloads".

In this issue of Health Business, we look at how some of this money will be spent. Lisa Farrell at The National Robotarium explains at how AI and robotics could transform preventative medicine and Dr MaryAnn Ferreux and Melissa Ream from Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex discuss how data can be better used when it comes to women's health.

While the peak of winter viruses may be over, infection control is always an important topic, so in this issue, we look at how to prevent the spread of MRSA.

The MPBA explains how modular technology can help the NHS overcome the RAAC issue and Stacey Hayes-Allen from Arden University explores how degree apprenticeships can help to address the talent challenges in the NHS.

Polly Jones, editor

HB2402 cover