90 per cent of trusts using electronic patient records

90 per cent of NHS trusts have now adopted electronic patient records in hospitals.

189 NHS trusts have introduced new systems. Hillingdon Hospitals and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS trusts are the latest to go live.

In the Plan for digital health and social care, published last year, the government set a target of 90 per cent by December 2023.

NHS England is investing £1.9 billion to support hospital trusts to either adopt a new or improve their existing systems to ensure every hospital in England can benefit from digital transformation.

NHS England’s Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard said: “Thanks to the teams at Sheffield Health and Social Care and Hillingdon Hospitals, who completed their go-lives over the last couple of weeks, you have now delivered on the target for 90% of trusts to have this capability in place ahead of winter.

“Delivering that switch isn’t easy but it’s worth it because that’s the underpinning work that will enable us to benefit from new technologies.”

Health and social care secretary Victoria Atkins said: “Electronic records give clinicians access to vital patient information when and where they need it, alerting them to immediate risks and giving them more time to care for their patients.

“I am pleased NHS England has met this important target ahead of schedule and look forward to working with the health service to ensure all NHS staff have the resources they need to deliver the modern healthcare our patients deserve.”

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