Access to veteran-specific healthcare services at record high

Access to veteran-specific supported housing and healthcare services is at an all time high, according to recently released figures.

The latest six monthly report published by the Office for Veterans’ Affairs shows that there is at least on veteran-friendly GP practice in 71 per cent of Primary Care Networks.

The government has been working with NHS England, housing providers and charities to provide dedicated support for veterans.

Op FORTITUDE is a £8.55 million programme aiming to eliminate veteran homelessness by matching vulnerable former service personnel with supported housing across the country. The central referral pathway is set to be rolled out across 14 housing providers and hundreds of housing units by September and brings together Local Authorities and charities.

The government is working with NHS England to ensure all veterans can access mental and physical health care that caters to their unique needs. 71 per cent of Primary Care Networks have at least one practice accredited as ‘veteran friendly’ and 75 per cent of NHS trusts in England were accredited as ‘veteran aware’.

Minister for veterans’ affairs, the Rt Hon. Johnny Mercer MP, said: "This six-monthly report shows the incredible work done here at OVA and by our partners, which I’m immensely proud of. We’ve taken massive strides to making the UK the best place in the world to be a veteran by making sure the right support is available.

"We’ve made clear pathways for health care and housing, and are recognising the contributions and sacrifices veterans have made to national security and our local communities.

"Going forward, this report sets out the OVA’s plans to publish a Women Veterans’ Strategy, roll out veterans ID cards and support veterans into employment."

Image by Max from Pixabay

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