Health Business 23.05

The Conservative Party conference has been the stage for several health and NHS-related announcements this week, including on technology investment, gender-related care and smoking. At the same time, junior doctors and consultants have been striking, with some rallying outside the conference in Manchester.

When it comes to technology, this issue investigates how to make the most of virtual wards as the NHS plans to implement more over winter and in the realm of AI and Data, we look at how Leeds Teaching Hospital has embarked on an exciting journey to deploy Intelligent Automation.

We’ll have a look at how solar energy can be utilised in the NHS and explore the new Clinical Waste Strategy and what it means.

We also have an article from the MPBA on the benefits of modular build for the health service.

As well as this, we’ve also got previews to Healthcare Estates and Infection 360, coming up later this year.

Polly Jones, editor

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