New technology leads to faster diagnosis
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A new service has been introduced at Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust which enables faster diagnosis of skin cancer.

The teledermatology service is already in place at King's Mill Hospital and is now set to be extended to Newark Hospital.

Patients attend an initial appointment, where high-resolution digital photographs are taken by a clinical photographer. A consultant dermatologist will then assess them remotely and decide if the patient needs to come into hospital for further assessment or treatment.

This process means that waits are shorter as patients do not have to wait for the initial face-to-face appointment with the dermatologist. The remote triage enables dermatologists to review twice as many patients as face-to-face appointments.

Dr Ritu Singla, Consultant Dermatologist Sherwood Forest Hospitals, said: “The teledermatology service allows us to triage patients referred by their GP  with urgent suspected skin cancer much quicker.

“Reviewing the high-resolution photographs also allows us to reassure patients much quicker when they do not have cancer and patients with a diagnosis of cancer are seen quicker and can start getting their treatment sooner.”

“This new way of working also means we are able to review more patients, sooner which means a faster outcome for the patient”