GMC publishes updated conduct guidelines

The General Medical Council (GMC) has updated conduct guidelines for doctors covering workplace sexual harassment.

The update comes amid concerns that abuse is going unchallenged.

The current version of Good medical practice will continue to apply to doctors on the medical register until the updated version comes into effect on 30 January 2024.

The new standards will have a stronger focus on behaviours and values which create respectful, fair and supportive workplaces.

Five key updates have been included in the guidelines for 2024, these are create respectful, fair and compassionate workplaces for colleagues and patients; promote patient centred care; tackle discrimination; champion fair and inclusive leadership; support continuity of care and safe delegation.

GMC said: "Good medical practice is a framework of professional standards to guide you when you’re caring for patients and working with colleagues. The standards describe good practice, but they aren’t a set of rules. You should apply them using your judgement, in the specific circumstances you face.

"In response to feedback in our consultation, the updated Good medical practice also includes a detailed explanation about how the standards relate to fitness to practise procedures."

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