Trust leaders urge support for next generation NHS
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Ahead of the general election, trust leaders have called on politicians to "rally round the next generation NHS".

A new briefing from NHS Providers, entitled "A picture of health: delivering the next generation NHS" sets out how government and health services can work together to maximise the social and economic value of the NHS.

NHS Providers sets out five priorities including: reaffirm commitment to the core values of the NHS to improve health and care for all and reduce inequalities; build a new infrastructure programme for the NHS; nurture a thriving health and care workforce; champion a culture of openness, improvement and innovation; and provide care in the right place at the right time.

Sir Julian Hartley, chief executive, NHS Providers, said: "As a general election approaches we urge politicians to rally round our 'next generation' NHS. We need an NHS fit for the future with patients and communities at the centre of every conversation.

"A healthy economy relies on a healthy population. The NHS is the keystone in the nation's health and can help to drive national productivity.

"The government and the NHS must work hand in hand to create the picture of health we all want to see."