We are actively supporting the NHS decarbonisation programme and delivering lower cost energy for the healthcare sector.
Delivering energy management to hospitals since 1938, Veolia currently provides services that cover around 43,000 UK hospital beds and support the energy requirements for around 8.1 million inpatients each year, annually saving over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We are actively supporting the NHS decarbonisation programme and delivering lower cost energy for the healthcare sector.
Delivering energy management to hospitals since 1938, Veolia currently provides services that cover around 43,000 UK hospital beds and support the energy requirements for around 8.1 million inpatients each year, annually saving over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Veolia cuts carbon and energy costs for Eastbourne District General Hospital

Upcycled Medical is pioneering the recycled textile industry. The company, launched by Linda Ball in 2017, started with the desire to make an environmentally friendly cap in the sports market. To meet the expectations and the requirements of the sports sector they were able to successfully develop a cap with 65% upcycled plastic and 35% organic cotton. After their initial success, they wondered if it would be possible to create a 100% upcycled textile, made from part marine and part landfill plastic, which would put a huge dent in the growing pollution problem.

Fordingbridge are industry leaders for healthcare and blue light canopy installations across the UK. With a wide range of design concepts as well as in-house design and manufacture teams at your disposal, creating the perfect solution has never been so easy. From start to finish, their specialist teams work with you to effortlessly construct the perfect solution to your site facility; from ambulance bay canopies, entrance builds, staff breakout spaces and covered link walkways, their team can flex their knowledge and expertise into developing turnkey solutions to suit every space.

SMS Tech (Smart Manufacturing Solutions Technology) was founded in 2021 after Smart Manufacturing Solutions Ltd partnered with Scale Digital Ventures Ltd after connecting at EMCON in 2021. The team at SMS are made up of experts in Quality, Health & Safety and Operations. Scale Digital Ventures Ltd have experience in innovating, delivering and supporting organisations with software. This showed a great synergy and ensured all the relevant areas of experience were covered to ensure the launch of the system.

At Ogilvie MikeConn we have a single core value, this value is Quality. Since our inception, we have grown, winning new customers based on this shared passion for quality. Quality of initial engagement, customer interactions, stakeholder outcomes, transparent quality assurance and a delivery team focused on this single core value.

In 2021, 14.3% of NHS staff reported at least one physical attack from a patient, and those in mental health trusts experienced the highest rates of abuse. As staff shortages, delays and strikes go on into 2023, this figure is only likely to increase.
Pinpoint’s advanced staff safety systems are designed to combat violence against healthcare workers through fast-acting alarms that alert a response team to the exact location of a call. Doing so prevents aggressive behaviour from escalating and limits harm to staff.
Smallwood Manor

Everything from a single source: Primed® has been developing, producing and selling innovative, top-quality medical products for more than 30 years. Our products are designed and manufactured with the safety and satisfaction of patients as our foremost priority. This includes the best products to improve the quality of life for users and enable successful treatment.

In a healthcare environment such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Doctor’s surgeries, hygiene is one of the most important considerations.

Protecting a building’s interior with Yeoman Shield’s range of wall & door protection systems ensures they don’t suffer from dents and scratches which can harbour harmful bacteria.

Durable and easy to clean, all Yeoman Shield products are inherently hygienic if they are properly cleaned and maintained. The PVCu materials they are manufactured from are “rigid” and therefore do not support the growth of bacteria or mould.

Glasdon are a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable solutions for healthcare environments. We work with clinical and non-clinical customers to provide effective solutions for waste and recycling management, grounds maintenance, electrical equipment housing, cycle storage and on-site health and safety. Here are some of our essential products to help with the day-to-day running of facilities:

Helping healthcare facilities specify compliant healthcare solutions.

Aver Information Europe is a subsidiary of AVer Information Inc., a global provider of education and business solutions. Spanning 4 separate continents with 15 international offices serving over 100 countries through 700 employees worldwide, AVer’s far-reaching international presence and extensive network of reliable distribution channels continue to empower it to serve its customers on a global scale with unsurpassed service and dedicated support.

The Health Informatics Service (THIS) is an innovative, collaborative NHS organisation providing digital and IT services to health and care providers across the UK in primary, secondary and third sectors, particularly NHS health trusts, GPs, laboratories, hospices and not-for-profit healthcare organisations.

Cherry Products Ltd

The new P50 AFFF Composite Fire Extinguisher complete with a full management software program is a product of innovation, the new P50 AFFF Composite Fire Extinguisher is British made using state-of-the-art clean manufacturing processes and can save a client on average 48% cost saving over the 10-year warranted period. P50 extinguishers employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft and aerospace industries.

LapCabby is a leading manufacturer of storage and charging solutions in the Education, Healthcare, Government and Corporate sectors.

This includes a wide range of mobile, portable and static charging solutions for laptops, chromebooks, tablets and mobile phones.

LapCabby is the smart way to keep your devices safe, charged and secured.


It has been more than two years under the pandemic, and our lives have changed forever, especially in terms of how we work. Companies and institutions that recognised the benefits of flexible workplaces and WFH were quick to implement these new ways of working with great success in productivity and improved well-being for their workforce. Solutions such as video conferences rendered distances long or short irrelevant and removed communication barriers. The healthcare sector equally underwent those changes with, amongst others, the introduction of flexible workstations.

The NHS Integrated Care System (ICS) aims to remove existing silos between hospitals and Primary Care, physical and mental health services, NHS and council services, and instead deliver the support people need in the form of a joined-up health and care service from local councils, the NHS, and other partners.
This approach presents healthcare providers with the opportunity to explore new service workflows and technologies as they seek to keep up with evolving patient expectation and demands.
The communications challenge

Starting as a manufacturer of made-to-measure commercial blinds, Yewdale has since diversified and become an established supplier of anti-ligature products, hospital curtains and cubicle tracks within the healthcare sector. Yewdale products are regularly specified in NHS hospitals, mental health trusts, GPs and other healthcare environments. We ensure our products comply with NHS guidelines and promote infection control where possible.