Bäramed Instrumente
Product Feature

Bäramed Instrumente stands for Implants and Surgical Instruments from Germany. Implants and Instruments with the best performance and quality.

Bäramed Instrumente is committed to the fundamental principle of quality. Every item leaving Bäramed Instrumente GmbH is tested for optimal performance and workmanship. Due to Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 13485 and to the mdr we ensure and maintain the high  quality standards.

Decades of special experience and knowledge and skilled education are the qualities which distinguish the employees of Bäramed Instrumente from others. A well sorted stock and daily despatch oft he products guarantee promtly and just in time delivery to our customers.

Communication is number 1 law for Bäramed Instrumente. We want to know what´s goioing on, we can help solving problems with our expert knowledge and make us to your competent partner in the medical field.

Bäramed Instrumente is always ready to listen to customers who prefer instruments with their own label. Fast and flexible we can adapt to customers numbering system., thereby we satisfy individual wishes.

The special dynamic of Bäramed Instrumente is reflected in new design and new development of products.We are working closely with our customers and doctors to realize the best solution to every problem.

All products can be coded by laser marking systems which are validated and verified.

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