Harper Water Management Group
Product Feature

Harper Water Management Group is an independent and multidisciplinary water consultancy company combining the engineering knowledge and experience of David Harper (IHEEM Authorising Engineer – Water) and Engineer (BSc) Stephen Flatman, with the water hygiene and microbiology expertise of Dr Catherine Whapham and Dr Vicky Katsemi. With over 20 years’ experience supporting water safety teams in both the NHS and non-healthcare industries globally, Mark Conway is the other key member of this technically led team. Launched in 2021, this IHEEM Company Affiliate have supported clients across all industries including travel and tourism, hospitality and leisure, healthcare and Hospitals, facilities management, and building design and construction, in understanding and mitigating the risk of waterborne infections throughout buildings and within the built environment.
Faced with mounting problems following quick-fix treatments, Harper Water offers the multidiscipline approach needed to support clients in taking the next steps to improve water system quality and remain compliant with the law.
Being fully independent, and not affiliated to any chemical disinfection or other solution provider, the team deliver impartial advice to clients, alongside a bespoke plan of actions to comply with national guidelines, enabling a faster and sustainable route to successful long-term outcomes. While targeting improved water quality, Harper Water’s goal is to reinforce/strengthen the client team’s know-how through education, discussion on rationale, and actions for risk mitigation and documentation support. Centralised water management documentation fosters a collaborative approach, and a multi-skilled cross-functional team encourages information exchange and increased transparency within the client team.
The experienced team is engaged not only in times of water quality crisis and outbreaks, for Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa risk audits, Water Safety Plans or sampling regimens, but also for reviewing new building projects, carbon zero strategies, and multi-drug resistant microorganism contamination management. The London-headquartered company is currently focused on meeting UK client needs, but has extensive international experience, and plans expanding in the near future.
More recently, the team at Harper Water are proudly delivering a number of flexibly run and highly interactive City and Guilds Assured and CPD Accredited Training Courses on a wide range of water hygiene topics to all members of the Water Safety Group to help drive personal and professional development, increase understanding and engagement, and strengthen and support key roles within in-premises water system management.  
Additional Services include:

  • Authorised Engineer (Water) Services.
  • Critical Water System Contamination – Investigation and Risk Mitigation
  • Expert Legal Witness Services – Legionella
  • Sampling Services
  • Specification, Installation & Commissioning Guidance
  • City and Guilds Assured Education and Training Provision

For more details, visit us at:  www.harperwater.com