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Murray Equipment Co. was established in 1953 and we have been providing Operator seating to the NHS, Dental clinics and other medical departments for over seventy years.

We pride ourselves on being the premium provider of bespoke medical operator seating in the UK, providing exceptional quality, and great value.

We are so confident in our products that we offer a 5 year warranty on the majority of our seating. This in turn results in large savings, as you will not have to replace them as regularly as other stools on the market.

Furthermore, our ergonomically designed seating will reduce back pain, fatigue and long term RSI issues in users, resulting in further saving vast amounts of money over the years by reducing absences from highly paid and trained clinicians. This was highlighted by a three year study at Nottingham University Hospital; this study was only completed within one clinical therapy area, yet applies to all clinical therapy areas, whereby we manufacture specific chairs for those areas.

All our seating meet a number of safety standards, Fire Safety regulations, CE Medical Devices 93/42/EEC and ISO 9001. Along with being free from latex, and all our seating is wipe clean, allowing them to be cleaned quickly and efficiently, helping to stem infection spreading which has become a growing issue within hospitals and other clinical areas, our seat upholstery is made to handle this through being impregnated with antibacterial agents at the point of manufacture.

We offer a wide range of optional extras and a wide choice of colours, which means that you have the flexibility to purchase the seating that you need to meet your exact specification. We often find different departments will order their chairs in different colours to differentiate where they should be in the hospital or practice. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours, all of which have the same finish and can allow a bit of personality across departments.

All upholstery is hand-made at our factory in Arundel, and is made to order, our parts are sourced predominantly from the UK. We operate a fast turn around allowing us to produce a seat or stool to your specifications in as little as two weeks. 

We have recently released a new range of saddle seats featuring a back rest or a swing around back, these provide our popular saddle seats with added lumbar support or a manoeuvrable rest that can become a rest for your arms to provide support wherever it is needed.

If you are interested in one seat, or a full department of seats please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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