Safe and hygienic drinking water solutions.
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Borg & Overström are global leaders in hygienic drinking water solutions, providing premium, safe and freshly-filtered drinking water within healthcare environments.

Borg & Overström understand the need for infection control within drinking water in hospitals and care facilities, where Legionella and pseudomonas can pose a significant risk to those with compromised immune systems. With this in mind, Borg & Overström have developed water dispensing technology, specifically designed to mitigate the risk of both waterborne and surface transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Developing the E6 Chilled only for the NHS.
Working alongside the NHS, Borg & Overstöm have developed the latest advancement in hygienic drinking water, designed to specifically meet the stringent water quality standards required within NHS facilities. The E6 Chilled only has a unique, shortened, single water pathway, designed to eliminate the risk of dead-legs where bacteria can harbour, whilst integrated Viovandt® enhanced UV-C technology utilises eco-efficient LEDs to purify the water with maximum germicidal efficacy, effectively controlling against the spread of HCAIs without the need for chemical treatments.

Technology designed to mitigate infection risk.
Built for the demands of high-touch medical environments, each drinking water dispenser or integrated tap system features Totality® hygiene assurance, for a complete approach to clean, healthier water. Utilising the latest technology, this unique 5-step methodology includes carbon-free filtration and antimicrobial surface protection, reducing the risk of contamination in communal areas. From innovative touch-free dispense, to airless, rapid DryChill® cooling technology and Sterizen® sanitisation, Borg & Overström dispensers mitigate sources of infection and contamination at every stage, for confidently clean water.

Hygienic, completely touch-free operation.
SensorBeam® touchless technology allows for completely contact-free operation, removing the risk of cross contamination touchpoints in busy healthcare environments. Unique, patented LED projection mapping technology allows the dispense of clean, fresh water by simply placing a foot over an illuminated button on the floor. While traditional dispensing buttons are susceptible to harbouring bacteria and viruses, even with rigorous cleaning, SensorBeam® touch-free dispensing eliminates this risk and can significantly reduce this risk of viral or bacterial spread.

Ligature-resistant drinking waters solutions for patient-centred care.
For challenging environments, the Porpoise, ligature-resistant drinking water tap offers superior safety where it is needed most. As the shallowest, surface-mounted, self-serve water dispenser, this sensitively designed solution allows for great-tasting, clean, safe and filtered water to be provided in mental healthcare, custodial and vandalism-prone environments.

Energy efficient technology for a lower carbon footprint.
Borg & Overström are a UK manufacturer and are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Through developing energy-efficient technologies and nearshore manufacturing practices all Borg & Overström machines are designed to have a reduced carbon footprint over conventional water coolers. EcoMode energy-saving technology, can reduce energy consumption by around 20% by simply placing the dispenser into a ‘sleep’ mode when not in use.

Better water, better for the environment.
Borg & Overström believe in better water that is better for the environment. A Borg & Overström point of use drinking water dispenser allows for hygienic access to locally sourced water, without the bottle. By providing access to clean, filtered drinking water, we all can significantly reduce single use plastic waste, especially in communal environments. We all have a have a duty of care to our patients, staff and visitors and also to our planet to provide, safe, refillable, great tasting, good quality water on demand.

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